A well-dressed brand has style, character and personality. It looks expensive, but it doesn't have to be.

If you are reading this, it is probably because you are looking for a visual identity for your brand. Maybe you have been looking for a while or maybe you just stumbled upon this.

Either way I am glad you are here. The minute your brand is nicely wrapped, you can present it with pride and confidence! There is nothing better to feel at home in the visuals that represent your brand.

I have made it easy for you to choose the branding that fits your needs most.



The visuals that represent you and your brand, is probably the first impression people get of your business and what you offer. You have very little time to get their attention! The better your brand or product is "wrapped" the better the chance of people hanging around to find out what you can offer.

Who is this for?

Well anyone who wants results fast! If you have a business or products that you need branding for, this is a great solution. You don't have to spend a lot of time with an agency or graphic designer. You can have your brand up and running within a week!

What can I excpect?

This is me, giving you worth of 20 years of experience in design and branding, for a small amount of your time and effort. Once you have the decided and picked one of the below ladies, you will have a brand ready to use within days. A toolbox of visuals, that represents you in the best possible way. My passion is to "dress" you and your brand in the most kick ass outfit, so that you attract just the right audience.
•Your brand name made to fit the logo on the chosen brandboard

•A custom colorpalette with 8 colors

•2 free fonts that will fit your overall brand

•4 images that fit the mood / tone of voice for your brand

•Symbol/logo mark from the chosen brandboard, made to fit your brandname

•Secondary logo from the choses brandboard made to fit your brandname

•Ready to use files for print and screen

Once you have chosen one of the brandboards and made your payment, I start working on your brand. I will send you a questionnaire, and when you return it, you will also send me your desired brandname and tagline. I will then adjust the brandboard to fit your brand within 3 days.
€ 700 + vat/ 5000 DKK + moms ( one time fee )